Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Introductory Level Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training

Training to teach is a serious commitment and you will be expected to carry out independent study and practice as well as attending the training sessions. Students on our highly respected two-year introductory yoga teacher training course have described it as a ‘hugely rewarding experience‘ and ‘a wonderful balance of disciplined yet informal teaching in a supportive environment‘.

Getting accepted 
To be accepted for the Introductory Level Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training Course, you need to have established a regular practice at home and achieved a high standard in the introductory yoga asanas. You also need a preliminary understanding of the subtler aspects of Iyengar yoga and its philosophy. Your general health should be good and your attitude considered to be balanced, patient and mature.

Your yoga teacher will also have to certify that you have been attending yoga classes regularly and without a break for a minimum of three years. However, as the Iyengars stress, “It is not just the time or years of practice that makes one eligible for a particular level of certification but the quality of practice.”


Schedule and duration
The purpose of the yoga teacher training course is to build a firm foundation in the teaching of B.K.S. Iyengar’s work. It lasts for two years consisting of 34 training days, held on Saturdays from 10.00am to 4.00pm. The course officially begins on 8 July but we would encourage you to attend the two training sessions on 20 May and 3 June as a bonus, in case you miss any sessions later in the course and need to make up your hours.

A supportive environment
As former student Julia Alderman explains, ‘both the first and second year students are taught together. This creates a very supportive environment, and the second year students readily advise and share their experiences with the first year students. It also allows students to see how the yoga teacher training course will progress over the two years and what will be expected at the different levels.’

It can be demanding work and, as Julia emphasises, ‘teaching your peers is scary for the first few months and not for the faint-hearted.’ Nevertheless, says fellow qualifier Toni Elliott, the two yoga trainers ‘guide us through from the very first steps at a consistent pace with regular input, homework and great doses of patience and encouragement.’

All assessments are conducted by the Iyengar Yoga Association (UK), which trainees are required to join. Successful completion of the second year assessment leads to qualification as an Iyengar yoga teacher.

Please also note that if you become pregnant during the yoga teacher training course, the IY(UK) requires you to suspend yoga teacher training but you can resume it later.

Yoga Teacher Trainers
Sallie Sullivan and Stephen Richardson.

Yoga Teacher Training Course Cost
The cost of the 2017 course is £1,000 per year or £350 payable in advance of each term.

Yoga Teacher Training Course Dates
Training days on Saturdays, 10.00am – 4.00pm for 2017  and 2018 are as follows:

7 January8 July
21 January9 September
4 february23 september
18 February7 October
4 March21 October
18 March18 November
1 April2 December
22 April16 December
6 May20 January 2018
20 May3 February
3 June24 February
3 March
24 March
21 April
12 May
19 May (Selection)
2 June

How to apply

The application pack for 2017-18 is available to download below. Forms are also available in word format or hard copy from the office. Please note the closing date for applications is 9 April 2017.

New forms from IY(UK) are now available via the links below.

Download Covering Letter

Card payment form

Download Form A1: Training to Teach Iyengar Yoga at Introductory Level

Download Form A2: Application & Registration Form

Download Form A2: Notes for Completing the Application Form

Download Form B1: List of Asanas for Introductory Teacher Training

As well as the application forms, you will also need a letter from your main teacher confirming your regular attendance at classes and your dedication to Iyengar yoga.


What happens after your application?

There will be an open session for potential teacher trainees at IYIMV on Saturday 18 February 2017 for students who fulfil the requirements. Please read the documents listed above before applying to attend the open session. A pdf of the open session details may be downloaded here

If you fulfil all the requirements of the IY(UK) you will be invited to attend a selection class, including an hour and a half of asana practice and a short questionnaire. The selection class will take place on Sunday 23 April  between 11.15am and 1.30pm.